Project Description

WES participated in the Civil Design portion of remediation of the landslide, which occurred on November 2011. Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PSE) were prepared. This landslide occurred in 2 jurisdictions – the City of Los Angeles and the County of Los Angeles with parkland to the north and the beach to the south. WES coordinated closely with City and County staff at each stage of the project. It consisted of multiple phases comprised of an initial emergency grading and drainage plan with 3D mapping, 2 rows of 10 underground dewatering pipes, 2 rows of 9 ground anchors, and a traffic study Cost estimates for 5 street restoration options were prepared.

WES performed hydrology and hydraulic calculations to convey storm drain water from the landslide and contributing area through a 15-inch high-density polyethylene pipe. Drainage and Storm drain design, including catch basins and connecting pipes to existing 84″ Reinforced Concrete Pipes (RCP) were provided. All work was performed in environmentally sensitive areas and approved by the California Coastal Commission regulatory agency.


Project Details

Location San Pedro, California